Travel Magazine POLAND

The aim of this travel magazine about Poland, was to showcase the country’s cultural heritage, landscapes, and architecture. To achieve this, the design approach focused on utilizing a strong layout and grid system to create […]

You Rock! Festival Poster

The design strategy for this 10×15” eye-catching rock festival poster focused on utilizing a dynamic composition and a bold red and gray color scheme. The use of this striking Golden Gate picture helped to evoke […]

Portfolio Exhibition Poster

24×36” printed poster designed to promote portfolio exhibition at Mission College. Bold color scheme, with a vibrant yellow created a sense of energy and excitement around the exhibition and a striking contrast against a black […]

Futura typography poster

This 8.5×11” type specimen effectively showcased the use of Futura. The text tilted by 45 degrees created dynamic and bold diagonal composition. Cropped-out text added a layer of depth and complexity while decorative use of […]

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