Page Layout

Travel Magazine POLAND

The aim of this travel magazine about Poland, was to showcase the country’s cultural heritage, landscapes, and architecture. To achieve this, the design approach focused on utilizing a strong layout and grid system to create […]

Branding, Packaging Design

Barber Shop Case Study

Objective Create strong and cohesive brand identity for barber shop. Brand should be represented as elegant, simple, masculine, modern, but with a hint of retro style. Deliverables ▶ Name▶ Logo▶ Style-guide (color palette, typography)▶ Printed […]

Page Layout, Posters

You Rock! Festival Poster

The design strategy for this 10×15” eye-catching rock festival poster focused on utilizing a dynamic composition and a bold red and gray color scheme. The use of this striking Golden Gate picture helped to evoke […]

Page Layout, Posters

Portfolio Exhibition Poster

24×36” printed poster designed to promote portfolio exhibition at Mission College. Bold color scheme, with a vibrant yellow created a sense of energy and excitement around the exhibition and a striking contrast against a black […]

Packaging Design

Ulta Beauty packaging redesign

Project involved redesigning the packaging for the Ulta Beauty Soft Cotton cosmetic collection, which included a face oil, body lotion, candle, and shopping bag with custom dielines. The design focused on creating a modern and […]

Page Layout, Posters

Futura typography poster

This 8.5×11” type specimen effectively showcased the use of Futura. The text tilted by 45 degrees created dynamic and bold diagonal composition. Cropped-out text added a layer of depth and complexity while decorative use of […]

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